I´m fat. This is me. This is about Style, Fashion, Self Love, Acceptence and Improvement ##
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dress by CLUB L

don’t worry about your size - it’s okay to feel great 🙆💃

don’t worry about your size - it’s okay to feel great 🙆💃

black&white DIY tulle skirt

hoovesmacaw asked: Thanks so much! I hope you don't mind, I might copy it and get the same hair cut. Hopefully it looks good on me too! Thanks again!

oh don´t worry!! I´m glad you like it!! show me the result if you like! I´m super curious :)

Anonymous asked: How do you style your hair? I have majorly curly hair also and I never know what to do :/

 he hey!

do you mean my hair routine or just the styling? because I usually never “style my hair, as it is quite short and there is not too much left over to style lol but headbands or scarfs are always a very good idea for curly hair! there are a lot of tutorials on youtube :)

about the routine:

by experience I know that curly hair is not always the same, it changes from person to person and also changes time by time ( I´ve heard every 6-7 years) so what works for me, is just something that works for now ( hopefully it lasts long because I´m tired of all those experiments lol :D )
I usually wash my hair every 3-4 days (depends) with a curl-shampoo from GUHL, I detangle with my fingers and try to be as soft as possible. I´m not using any conditioners cause i don´t like my hair too soft because that makes them too fluffy in my opinion. I put in some gel from L`OREAL and use the hairdryer with a defusor (! but make sure it is not too much heat !) - I usually knead my hair with my hand and use the hairdryer from a little distance, it takes longer but it´s better for the curls. every morning I put some burdock root hair oil in the palm of my hands and knead it into my hair.

DIY tulle-skirt

 the curls

 the curls

Anonymous asked: I love how you style and and accessorize!!! Inspiring me to up my game!!

weeeehhh thank you a lot!!!