I´m fat. This is me. This is about Style, Fashion, Self Love, Acceptence and Improvement ##
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foundlovedshared asked: Are you on IG?

Yeah ! Just look for @rolypolywardrobe


jnte asked: hellooo nurse <3

I’m more the doctor type 😼

fall-colours now on my blog <3 

the shades

the shades

megangarrad asked: Your such a babe! So beautiful with such amazing style, love your outfit posts and your eyebrows are perfect! 😍

wooooohoooo thank you babe <3 <3 <3

hikkupp asked: You are very intelligent, and beautiful - not to mention your wonderful sense of style. Keep flying high and let the haters wallow in their own negativity.

AMEN sister!

and thank you ;)


don´t forget to tell yourself every day&#160;:
your body is beautiful!

don´t forget to tell yourself every day :

your body is beautiful!

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I really don´t get it why people on the internet think it is okay to be rude - even to someone they absolutely don´t know!

like, is your life so fucking miserable? your mommy didn´t hug you enough?!?

check out a mirror and your actions before you´re going to judge someone else and sometimes it is better to shut the fuck up, if your don´t have anything nice to say!

didn´t your parents teach you that?!

I got my own story like you, like everybody elseI got my own sad story

I got my own story
like you, like everybody else
I got my own sad story