I´m fat. This is me. This is about Style, Fashion, Self Love, Acceptence and Improvement ##
All Photos are my own if not differently mentioned
body by H&M

body by H&M

Anonymous asked: Your eyebrow game is incredible. Teach me your ways.

uiii thank you!

its super simple:

first i fill out everything with a shade similar to my natural brows and then i use a darker colour for the middle and the tail and then i blend everything together with a little brush :)

you can find a lot of great tutorials on that on youtube :)


lizardwizard76 asked: Wow you are fucking awesome I love your style!! Have a great day X

nangnangnang thanl youuuu <3 <3

have a wonderful day !

foundlovedshared asked: Are you on IG?

Yeah ! Just look for @rolypolywardrobe


jnte asked: hellooo nurse <3

I’m more the doctor type 😼

fall-colours now on my blog <3 

the shades

the shades

megangarrad asked: Your such a babe! So beautiful with such amazing style, love your outfit posts and your eyebrows are perfect! 😍

wooooohoooo thank you babe <3 <3 <3